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Work in Progress…

What I’m currently working on:

Dragon Heroes is my first online comic. It tells the story of three teenage dragons who, after one horrific day, set out on their destiny to save the world.

Full colored comic is in two languages: czech and english. It’s unbelievably hard to translate all texts to english with high quality, but thank to Asheron I met a couple of kind people who want to help me, so I’m happy for it :)

This comic still isn’t running, because I have to redo some parts of last pages. Now I’m very busy with my annoying school, but I hope I’ll finish editing soon.

Asheron is an online comic which I created not long ago. It is made by my dream :D . Yes, by my dream. I once had a dream about little lost furry dragon-like creature named Asheron. I really fell in love with him and decided to save his story. At the first time I was thinking about a book, but I have published one yet and the experiences with it was horrible. So I decided to draw it as a full colored czech/english comic.

Asheron’s website is officially running, the last page is no.15. I’m now working on pages 16, 17 and 18, but my stupid computer took a holiday and doesn’t want to collaborate with me. It’s not the first time when it makes problems, so I hope it will be friendlier soon and Ash will have a couple of new pages :)

Fabulous Four - that’s my planned webcomic, lying on my computer for a lot of months, as a paper comic (when I didn’t know anything of internet and online comics) was lying in my wardrobe for many years.

It’s about my guinea-pigs Coocoo and Mooldica, which I got when I was 5. Of course, they are unfortunately dead, and now I have two new - Angeelo and Teeny, who are main heroes of the comic too. :)

When I’ll have a minute, I’ll make a website for Fabulous Four, because they are waiting so long.

Save the World - an action story inspired by real events and telling about events which can easily come true. Main hero, thirteen years old extremely intelligent Raymond, is because of his interests in robotics under pressure concerned in a lot of global troubles. It’s all up to him, his intelligence and cybernetic friends, to change the run of events to save the world.

I really love this comic, but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the entire story is about one great friendship and feelings of a solitary little child, which tries to escape from hating civilization to the world of electronic and robots all made by him.

If you’d like to read more about this comic, just click on the title or on the picture. It’s still not-official website, the pages of comic aren’t there yet. I hope one day I will have a time to start it up.

I’m sorry for that horrible english, but it hasn’t been edited yet… If someone would like to edit it, just write me, I will be very happy! :]


Except these webcomics I’m drawing a couple of new images and posters (mostly with Asheron) and new content to my websites. To Ash’s web I prepaire some informations of his world and a list of animals living in it.

… But my school takes the largest part of my time and really annoys me >:P I need days to have at least 100 hours… :)